Celestial Blessing:
10718 / 10000 ($107.19 / $100.00) - Sun

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Realm of Chaos: Shattered Kingdom (ETK) is a 2D isometric MMORPG that has an anime-esque feel to it. We offer a vast world with constant updates based around player feedback and necessary game changes. We pride ourselves on making our community as open and inviting as we possibly can to encourage growth and develop a game that keeps players interacting and interested. Below is a list of some of the things ExtremeTK has to offer:

  • Play for free, with no level or stat restrictions whatsoever! There are also no pay to win items at all!

  • Pick from Poet (healer), Mage (caster/ranged), Warrior(melee fighter), or Rogue (melee / ranged fighter)

  • Level your character to 99 – and beyond. You can continue to enhance your stats with experience without limit.

  • Remain pure to your Path for extra path-related perks, or explore our unique dual-classing system and play a hybrid!

  • Explore our unique crafting system and enhance or repair your gear

  • Experience a responsive, monitored, and maintained single server for all players

  • Enjoy an active community with involved staff and extremely frequent content releases and updates

  • Participate in clan battles and wars in PK areas with real territory to conquer and hold

  • Immerse yourself in classic anime-style artwork (you can see it in the background, click screenshots for more!)