Free to play – No pay to win

Celestial Blessing:

0 / 10000 ($0.00 / $100.00) – No Bonus

Retro and refreshing

In an era full of pay to win instant gratification mobile games, we bring you a free to play retro isometric 2D MMORPG reminiscent of the days when games were more than something you just funneled dollars into. We’ve created a vast world for our players to enjoy and are always open to development feedback.

Stelio – Head GM, Developer


  • Limitless character progression
  • A vast open world to explore
  • Unique crafting enhancement system
  • World PVP in certain locations
  • Many automated events to attend

Recent Changes

Fri, Sep 10, 2021 (Asarro): Poet, Warrior Rage

For all varieties of Warrior, all varieties of
Pure Poet, your rage will:

– No longer hurt your AC at any tier
– No longer remove a percentage of vita when it expires

This change is not necessary for Rogues, as Cunning
never used this functionality.

<b> Radical and MrsRad:

You will need to relog to receive this update as you
were both logged in when I did it. Anyone else logging
in and reading this post, you’re good to go.


Sat, Jul 31, 2021 (Admin): Reset 7/30
* Fixed long packets (e.g. long board posts/mailbox posts/long legend entries/etc.)
Sun, Jul 11, 2021 (Stelio): Solar Flare
Will no longer dissipate after a reset, should auto re-apply upon the server coming back up